ERASE-Maternal Mortality 


The CDC ERASE Maternal Mortality (CDC ERASE MM) is a $150 thousand per year, 2-year cooperative agreement with the Federal CDC (US CDC-RFA-DP22-2211) in partnership with Maine CDC that will fund expansion of Maine’s capacity to review maternal deaths as part of the existing Maternal Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Panel (MFIMR). The Maternal, Fetal, and Infant Mortality Review Panel (MFIMR) Panel honors the lives of mothers, pregnant people, and babies who passed away during or after pregnancy by understanding what may have led to their death, and making actionable recommendations to prevent future deaths. Capacity will be expanded through two primary strategies:

  1. Increase timeliness, accuracy, and standardization of information available about pregnancy-related deaths, including documented opportunities for prevention.
  2. Increase availability of recommendations of the MMRCs among communities, clinicians, and policy makers.