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Innovation on Maternal Health


Untreated severe hypertension is one of the key contributors to maternal morbidity and mortality. Based on feedback from healthcare clinicians and statewide morbidity and mortality data, PQC4ME decided to move forward with the AIM Severe Hypertension in Pregnancy Bundle in January 2022.

Starting in April 2022, our first cohort of 9 birthing hospitals began collecting data. Hospital teams chose “85% of patients with acute onset severe hypertension will receive antihypertensive medication within one hour” as their SMART goal and sustaining this outcome for two consecutive quarters as the overall goal. Teams submit data quarterly and participate in periodic Learning Sessions to share best practices and experiences.

First year achievements included engaging 21 of Maine’s 24 birthing hospitals in AIM Severe Hypertension in Pregnancy Bundle work. Since the start of the project, Maine has lost 3 OB units in Maine hospitals, 1 in 2022, and an additional 2 in 2023, meaning our total participating hospitals are now 19 of 22 birthing hospitals.